Monday, June 28, 2010

Charleston Adventures

It is so great to be home! But I am on the move constantly again and I love it!

But I am pretty proud of my world traveling TOMS... I wore a hole through the left toe area and almost have a real hole on the right shoe. A prerequisite to having a great South American adventure! I promise I will share more about my trip, but it is all swimming around in my head right now!

This morning, I headed downtown into Charleston while my boyfriend was in class (taking advantage of his parking pass before it expires!) It was such a nice homecoming! Its great to walk around a city and not feel like I am in danger or need to walk with lots of other people!

Of course I had to stop in Artist and Craftman Supply.... and I couldn't keep focused at all!

But I ended up with 2 8x10 canvases, some ATC paper, and some Sculpy clay molds. 

Then, I decided to walk along Calhoun and then on Meeting to make my way to City Lights Coffee. But I found a new shop! Well, its not new but I've never been in before because I normally only drive on Meeting :) So I just had to stop in.  Xchange Factor is a vintage and consignment store and there is just so much stuff! 

If you're interested in checking it out (*hint hint* you definitely should) its reasonably priced and is located at 283 Meeting St. in Charleston.

I walked out with a pair of turquoise silk Nine West kitten heels (pics soon!) and an owl necklace. So cute that I couldn't resist it!

And then I finally made my way over to City Lights Coffee for lunch. I've been meaning to try it for a while.

It was good, but a little on the expensive side for the drinks. So I stuck with a pomegranate Italian soda because it was tooooo hot for coffee and a croissant.

 It is just adorable inside though. Its small, so be prepared to take it to-go if you go during the morning or on the weekends!

And after a little more window-shopping, I got a call from the BF saying that he was done with class and we met up. But I made him stop back in Caviar and Bananas with me to buy some herbs de provence. It is a must-stop in place when I go downtown, either for ingredients, coffee or food. So delicious! But it was a great day downtown today! A success!

And a final pic of my new friend from the art store today!

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