Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Banana Bread and Getting Back into the Kitchen

Have you ever felt like the kitchen is calling to you but you just don't have the time to make anything? That's how the last few weeks have been because school has gone into crazy-mode, but I took some time to make some banana bread from the bananas that I forgot about saved for banana bread.

I tried to find a good, basic banana bread to add to my repertoire, and this one from Cooking Light actually tasted delicious, was simple and didn't call for any non-pantry items besides plain yogurt. Score!

Well, it made an excellent dessert last night at my Bible study and of course was delicious this morning. Moist and banana-y.  Here's the recipe. Also, they did a bunch of variations on the recipe in the magazine in October 2010:  peanut butter, bananas foster, and banana chocolate walnut.

Also, happy Leap Day! I hope you do something wonderful with your extra 24 hours this year! I haven't decided what my extra will be, but I'll let you know! Have a great day!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Inspiration Monday

This past week was a whirlwind of school work, but I'm going to keep on keepin' on. Spring break is right around the corner, and these are the things on Pinterest that are inspiring me today!

I hope these inspire you! You can follow all of my pins here. I'm kind of obsessive and pin a lot, so you'll constantly see new stuff!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Interesting: Cost of Coffee from Single Brewing Machines

I was flipping through my Google reader this morning and saw this article, $51 Per Pound: The Deceptive Cost of Single Serve Coffee, from The Kitchn pop up: the true cost per pound for coffee made in a Keurig or other machine.  Its crazy how expensive it is!

Take a look- I especially like that it came up now, because I've been debating whether it would be a good idea to register for one or not.

Is the convenience worth it to you? I don't think it would be right for me, particularly because I want to always have coffee available if people come over to visit. What's your side on this issue?