Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life as Normal...

Well, it hasn't been very "normal" around my house- in the last 2 months so many things have happened!

graduated college

watched my man graduate from college

got all dolled up to...

marry this man

went on an awesome trip to the mountains

ate awesome pancakes

and then we moved. and moved and moved. out of 3 places and into our one little newlywed apartment. 

Phew. I'm getting tired just thinking about all of the things that we've done. And starting a new job is pretty exhausting too!

sneak peak of our little bedroom

after the sunset on a lazy Sunday- we have some great lighting in our apartment!

we haven't had toooo many "normal" days just yet but I'm looking forward to settling in and having things calm down for just a little while!

I've missed blogging so I'm also looking forward to more posts so thanks for sticking with me! and if you have any marriage/life advice, we'd love to hear it. But I'll tell you, that 50 days into marriage and we're pretty close to being experts ;) just kidding! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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