Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I had a craving for tacos on Monday, so Jonathan and I went out to Taco Boy in Charleston.

Oh my GOODNESS! It was so delicious! Most of their tacos were a riff on traditional Mexican flavors, and everything we had was delicious!

We started out with cocktails- I got a skinny pinapple-infused margarita and he got a frozen screwdriver.

Then, we got queso. YUM! (a little over-priced, but still delicious)

And for our tacos!!! I got the grilled fish taco and the al pastor (pork) taco.

And Jonathan got two tempura shrimp tacos and a chorizo and potato taco. All of his were fabulous!

We had a great night out. Now I'm off to do more DIY projects before I leave home on Sunday to go to my summer apartment! Have a wonderful day!

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