Thursday, September 1, 2011


I don't know if I've shared this yet, but breakfast is my FAVORITE meal. Maybe because things can be a little sweeter, or its mostly baked, or that growing up, real breakfasts always brought the family together like a special occasion.

Now that I'm living on my own and having a really strange schedule due to classes, I have time to make my breakfasts some mornings and have NO time at all other mornings. So I'm looking through all of my recipes to find the best breakfasts and working towards a fail-proof list of recipes to cook through.

I also have the Super Natural Every Day (and I love Heidi Swanson, like tons of other people), I decided to cook up some Lemon Zested Bulgur Wheat from her breakfast section.

Buy the book, make this recipe. Its PHENOMENAL. The bulgur gives it a nice, not mushy texture and the coconut milk makes it slightly sweet with the honey.

It make enough for 4 breakfasts, so I have been enjoying it all week! And yo will too (even though everyone usually thinks of bulgur in tabbouleh or a side dish. It works for breakfast, trust Heidi!)

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