Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Exciting Last Few Weeks...

School is really throwing off my (blogging) groove! And on top of that, I just got my internet hooked up on Monday! Its been a busy couple of weeks, so here are some of my highlights from Labor Day weekend. It feels like it was so long ago, but it really wasn't!

Well, I went home on a Thursday night because I am lucky enough to not have any classes on Friday so Friday was spent walking around Charleston and spending way too much money, but we also went to the high school football game purely to hear the band play. My little brother plays the tuba and the band is pretty phenomenal- 5 years of state championships back to back!

Saturday, I spent the afternoon tasting vodkas and wine with my parents at the Lowcountry's own vineyard, Irvin House Vinyard. They also produce the Firefly Vodka brand, so we did some of that tasting. But it is just such a gorgeous setting- live oaks on Wadmalaw Island, picnic tables and the vineyard is RIGHT there by the distillery! They only grow Muscadine grapes, so all the wines were relatively sweet but not too overpowering.  I highly recommend stopping by if you come to Charleston.

The vodka tasting was really terrific- they produce several vodkas, three rums and a sweet tea bourbon. But all the tasting equals one shot or less, so no need to worry!

And Sunday, after church and some time at the pool, the whole family headed to Boone Hall Plantation for the annual Bluegrass and BBQ festival. Even though it rained. But we can handle rain in Charleston and it cleared out before the evening so it was a great time.

And I rounded out Labor Day weekend by going back downtown to Charleston, where I drank some really great espresso at Hope and Union.

I also was really surprised.

Come the end of May, I will have a new last name. My man proposed!

Well, thats kind of all that's been happening so far, but I've been working on some home projects and I will get those up ASAP! In the meantime, have a wonderful day!

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