Thursday, January 26, 2012

Inspiration and Goals: Getting Use out of Inspiration

Ok, so I'm apparently not getting off to a good start for my blogging year. I just want to make sure that I am posting relative things and not just whatever comes to my head!

This year, one of my other goals is to go through my Pinterest, idea stash and other random ways that I've stored ideas and actually DO some of them! And weed out ideas that I'm not so in love with anymore, because I feel like I'm overwhelmed by good ideas. Does anyone else feel that way about Pinterest?!

So I've made a goal to accomplish at least 4 recipes a month that I've been saving up and a couple of DIY projects as well. Here's what I've moved to the top of my list for the next week:

Blood Orange Italian Soda - because I love buying it from World Market but hands on is way more gratifying!

Take more pictures!

Organize my recipes, so I can choose which ones to make

Put a little greenery into my life

Bubble tea!

And maybe this bread? Not sure, but it looks delicious!

What are the things inspiring you this week and how do you handle "inspiration overload?"

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