Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lemony Goodness

In an effort to use up my 1) bag of meyer lemons and 2) eggs before leaving for Spring Break, I just had to whip up another batch of microwave lemon curd. I made it last year about this time and it is just phenomenal.  And it can be done in a microwave in about half an hour.

And after completely forgetting about a dinner date with some friends, I whipped up some sugar cookies to go with the lemon curd. Fantastic! I used this sugar cookie recipe because it didn't require any rolling out or chilling, and they turned out good. Maybe a bit more sugar would help if you ate them plain, but they were great with the lemon curd!

Bonus pics: rainbow and its secondary rainbow (very faint) after our rainstorm on Saturday! The sky was gorgeous then too. I couldn't resist taking these pictures!

Have a wonderful day!

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