Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Recipe Tuesday

 I felt the pull to the kitchen over the weekend after I left for a few interviews at the end of last week, so here is what I made (and loved!)

Sugar Cookies with Lavender sprinkled in

Oh my goodness... this granola got some great feedback BEFORE it even left the oven! It smells so wonderful while cooking and I highly recommend this granola recipe! It really does taste like chai!

Individual Blackberry Crumbles, from a request from my brother

(so delicious! don't be discouraged by the labor intensive process, its REALLY worth it! I got rave reviews from even the men in my life who don't like "fancy" food)

And I made this at the beginning of last week for a friend, so I didn't get to try it. It smelled delicious, though, and I want to make it for myself too!

I even whipped up some pancakes for my boyfriend and his family. I love pancakes, so it was really an excuse to make them, but sshhh! They think I was spoiling them! We even topped a few of the pancakes with the lemon curd I made last week. Delicious.

Overall, I think I satisfied my baking desires for a few days, but I really recommend all of these recipes, so get in the kitchen, because I know you're hungry now!

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Anonymous said...

Lavender Marshmallow Bars?! That's nuts but intriguing....

PS Congrats on such a hectic baking week!