Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

One of the reasons why I love South Carolina is the crazy weather- I wore shorts twice last week and have been enjoying the beautiful flowers and weather (sorry, states with snow!)

Here are some of the flowers I've seen around campus.

And my shoes even matched the flowers!

I'm so excited for my spring wardrobe (I'm leaning heavily to lavender, light yellow and light grey! And prints!)

Has spring sprung in your area yet?


Deidre said...

ugh... don't make me vomit! I wish we had spring here! Stupid Wisconsin.

Julie said...

i partially blame it on the erratic weather- 85 one day, 60 the next and windy, and then just hovering in the mid 50s. its not perfect but its definitely a perk of living in the south! but it makes me sad that my boots are almost out of season already!