Friday, February 25, 2011

GIVEAWAY!!!! *closed*

I really intended for this post to be up yesterday, so my apologies but I had a big test and I forgot to take pictures. But I'm giving away some of the fruits of my craftiness to you, my loyal followers!

Two coffee cozies! So there will be TWO winners! I'm so excited!

I have 2 personally because I like to have them in separate bags.  They are great for take out coffee, but they also unbutton and fit around a coffee cup at home. And in spring colors, they are perfect for the changing weather.

So.... How can you win one? Easy!

(1) Comment here with your favorite coffee flavor
(2) Blog about this giveaway and leave a link here
(3) Become a follower (already a follower? comment that too!)

So three ways to win! Go enter now! 

**GIVEAWAY entries ends March 2nd!**

Tickled Pink at 504 Main




Eric said...


I am now officially following your blog. Favorite campus coffee would be Einstein Bagel coffee, all flavors.

PS this looks like a great idea, and was planning to give it as a gift to my mom for mother's day (along with some other things) if i were to win.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie!

Okay so I promise I'm only commenting because it relates to coffee and not because of the giveaways (so you can totally disclude me if you choose since I'm a friend!)

But I'm a HUGE coffee enthusiast.

My requirements:

- Fair Trade. I need it to be Fair Trade, just for my conscious. When you have a clear conscious, it just goes down so much better knowing the hands that planted and processed it got fair compensation and is living and working in acceptable conditions :)

Second, best coffee comes from the coffee belt region..but specifically Hawaii (I got to represent my state!), Guatemala/Nicaragua, and Brazil. Amazing stuff in all of these places. I don't care for Ethiopia/African coffee because the taste is a little too blunt for me. But if someone offered, I wouldn't turn it down! I love all kinds of coffee!

And Vietnamese coffee is amazing. I also love 2 pumps of hazelnut with half a spoon of white chocolate. I made up a coffee called the Hawaiian Chocolate Wave when I worked as a barista...It's 1 pump vanilla, 1/2 spoon of white chocolate, 1/2 pump chocolate, half and half, espresso...Yum :)

Hearthandmade said...

Flavour! I'm going to hope you mean region!

My coffee has to be fair trade - definitely not starbucks or from any other such evil corporations. I usually buy Colombian from the oxfam fair trade shop. It's lovely.

I used that greeny fabric on a pin cushion! Gorgeous!

Sarah said...

I'm quite partial to the Coarse grind Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian Harrar from JustLove Coffee.

This link takes you to the site and $5 from every bag goes directly to our friends who are adopting!

Yay for coffee and good causes!