Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recent Recipes I've Tried

I don't think I share it enough, but I LOVE a good chai tea, especially when its made from some of my friends who have visited India and prepare it the real way they learned it (equal parts sugar and milk, anyone?!) So when I see chai tea incorporated in recipes, it always makes my mouth water. 

So, I got the chance to make some chai tea bread for breakfast with friends last week and it turned out wonderful, even though I had no doubt that the chai would be a winner. The only part I wish I could re-do was cooling the tea; my tea was slightly warm but I was freaking out and praying the eggs wouldn't turn into scrambled eggs. But nothing happened except a delicious loaf of chai tea quickbread!

Don't let this picture fool you- its really moist and tastes delicious!

I also made this recipe for vanilla-scented granola, but modified it a little: I decreased the amount of almonds to 3/4 cup and added 1/4 cup dried pomegranate seeds.

This granola was SO GOOD that we were eating it off the baking sheet like candy when it came out! And it is really versatile + doesn't call for 20+ ingredients! Its my new, go-to granola recipe. Take a chance and make some- you won't regret it!



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