Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Website I love: Gojee

I found this great website via the Kitchn'- its called Gojee.  I instantly fell in love with this site once I opened it, because it helps you search for recipes from blogs based on what you have, what you crave, and it lets you edit out anything that you can't/won't eat. This is such a great tool for those inspiring trips to the farmer's market that end with you bringing home bundles of new and exciting ingredients but no plan!

I think this will be my go-to search site, as much as I love Tastespotting, because I will be able to find a recipe to fit the ingredients that I have on hand versus saving tons of recipes that I want to make sometime in the future! You'll love it, just trust me and go check it out!

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Dallas said...

Hey, It's Dallas! Thought I would drop by and say hi. You know you never made food for our group. Love the blog. I need to try some of this stuff instead of eating out all the time. Haha!