Friday, July 8, 2011

Projects in Process

I'm still getting back to normal after my 4 day Fourth of July holiday weekend, but I've got some stuff workin' up here, like this peach and pineapple sage vinegar and I whipped up these roasted sweet potato coins. I also tried (and fell in love with) this rosemary garlic lentils recipe from Martha Stewart.

Any suggestions on how to use up about 1 cup of cooked lentils? Do you have a favorite lentil salad? I wanted to see if anyone has one before I go searching the web!

PS I'm also dreaming about these Vibram Five Finger shoes. I realized on Tuesday, after wearing no shoes almost all weekend, how much I missed being barefoot.  Especially when I have to wear steel toed boots to work everyday! I think these would make a great addition to my wardrobe for class and the gym. Just something I added to my incredibly long wishlist :)

Oh, and I've been searching for an apartment for the school year, and fingers crossed, I've found the perfect one! I can't wait to start decorating it! Living in this apartment for just 3 months has make me stir crazy to do something, but I'll have to pack it up soon anyways. Well, this next apartment will be mine for the whole year. 

I hope your week back after the holiday has been restful! Have a great weekend! I've got one more wedding to check off my list!

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