Saturday, July 3, 2010

Recipes I Tried

I bookmark recipes a lot. A lot. I can't help but be in love with the pictures of the results on TasteSpotting or the blogs I have on my Google Reader and Blogger... and I kept saving them the whole month I was in Ecuador without a kitchen. So, here are two of the recipes I have been DYING to try! And I had some great results!

First, I had to recreate Publix's red pepper hummus for my boyfriend and his mom. Actually, I just knew I could make it tastier and cheaper, so I made it today. Standing ovation :) I got my recipe from gimme some oven. So delicious and just as easy as can be- puree everything in the food processor, get some pita and enjoy. Or with Ritz Crackers, because the BF's house, which always has pita chips, was out.  But I think this hummus, as with all other hummus dishes, would taste equally good with carrots and veggies.

*If you love hummus and get a chance, go check out the recipes at gimme some oven because she did a whole week's worth of different hummus recipes! All of them look delicious!

For my sister, who came home for the weekend, I pulled out my recipe I had saved for Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies from Sugar Cooking. They are so delicious and chewy and hazelnutty. Perfect if you like Nutella! The only change I made was to use dark chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet and it made it richer, I think.

It was a successful day in the kitchen... More to come!


ali @ gimme some oven said...

Yum - these pics look delicious! :) So glad you enjoyed the hummus!!!

Felicity said...

All of your recipes look so good! Happy 4th of July.

Sunita said...

You have made tasty cookies.Home made cookies are fresh and tasty.