Thursday, June 9, 2011

201st Post: My Own Smores

So Monday's post was my 200th post... oops! I forgot to mark it as something special!

So I've got something better: personal smores under the broiler. And it was sooooo delicious.

First: gather 1 dark chocolate candy bar (will make 2 smores), 1 graham cracker (or 2 squares) per serving and a bag of mini marshmallows. Also grab an individual baking dish. I used my mini gratin dish from Le Creuset. 

Crumble the graham crackers and put in the bottom of the buttered dish.  Then add the chocolate and place your preferred number of marshmallows on top.

Then, broil for 5-8 minutes on high, with the door slightly opened and watch for the marshmallows to brown on top.

When the marshmallows are browned, pull the dish out.  While still warm, smash the marshmallow into the graham crackers and chocolate and enjoy!

It really satisfied my craving for smores and had very few calories to boot! 80 for the chocolate (half the bar), 65 for the graham crackers and 50 calories the marshmallows. Extra delicious.

Yum.... I'm craving another one right now! I hope you try this- maybe after your dinner is done in the oven, you should stick it in and take advantage of the leftover heat. Just broil a little to brown the tops and it'll also be delicious.

Well, I think that'll satisfy my smores craving (for now). Have a wonderful day!

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