Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am kind of addicted to smores. Hard core. They remind me of childhood- although I'm not sure who decided smores should be summer food because its TOO DARN HOT to make a fire in the South in the summer to roast them! Here are some ideas I've found on recreating the smores experience in a different way!

(I'm waiting to show you what I've actually done in the kitchen because its in hibernation in the fridge for 48 hours!)

Smores bars

Smores Oatmal- more dessert than breakfast, but why not eat dessert for breakfast?

"smores" trooper cupcakes... hehe

Campfire cookies

Smores cake

Chocolate smores muffins

Do you have any food obsessions?! Let me know! I think its fascinating how people are turning old favorites into new items to cherish and love. And I just love smores, so any way I can get them, I'm interested in! 

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