Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Obsessed: FEED

Feed Logo

I am now officially obsessed with this charity: FEED. They sell their bags to give funds to the World Food Programme.

I just noticed a girl on campus with one of the bags on Monday so it peaked my curiosity (I love food and I was wondering where she got such a cool FEED bag made of burlap).

The bags are super awesome. I'm officially wanting one. Or two. It is just such a great and simple concept- you buy a bag, it tells you on the bag how many meals you are providing to a child in Africa or Guatemala or Haiti or the US, and you get a bag to share your involvement with others. And then start a process that keeps on getting people interested in their project.

I really want the one in the front that Lord and Taylor sells online- I'm a sucker for Latin American prints :)

Hopefully, I will get to order one soon (too many school expenses at the moment)! 

I just wanted to share this awesome initiative with y'all because I think they are just so cool and the mission is so needed right now. A big plus for me is there is also an option to buy a US bag, where the money stays in the US. I just feel like so many people forget that hunger is not just a problem in third world countries; it happens here at home as well.  I just thought I'd do my part as a blogger and share something that I really love at the moment!

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sarala said...

They really are cool. I'm going to check them out too.