Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shirt I Embellished

I had been waiting to fix up this plain black shirt that I got at Wal-Mart and used Teresa Collin's post as inspiration. The little button on the right side of the picture is actually a butterfly that I got from a local fabric store for 25 cents. It inspired the color scheme of green and blue and a little white. Sorry the picture is not the best- I used my phone camera because I almost forgot to get a picture before I went to bed yesterday!

Oh, and yesterday when I was flipping through the Wall Street Journal, I noticed this article:

Food That Looks So Messy, It's Irresistible. It had some awesome pictures and I think it's pretty interesting how they compare food photography from 20 years ago to today. They also have a slideshow online that has a couple of more examples. Just thought my food bloggers would get a kick out of that article :) Its a quick read so jump on over if you can! 

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Felicity said...

Haha, I love the slideshow. It's funny how the language of photography (and film) evolves.