Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rewind: What I've Been Up To

I know I've been away for a while, but I've been working on going through a few tutorials I had bookmarked and just getting my room at school all set up for the school year.

A canvas I created for a collage swap based on "Happiness"

Awesome scones that I made according to this recipe. It was a perfect recipe- it only made 8 instead of like 2 dozen!

Awesome mac & cheese I made in my vintage Pyrex. It was pretty simple and I just threw some noodles, cheese, bacon and a little condensed milk into it and baked it until it looked right. Experimenting actually turned out wonderful!

Not something I made, but a coffee my mom enjoyed on our last day out before I went to school. Its a honey latte made with real honey and it was fantastic!

And I made these flower pins from inspiration from this post. I love T-shirt projects!

A bib necklace inspired by the same post. I can't wait to wear it!

I covered my old bulletin board with fabric to make it my jewelry holder this year. And I can't wait to look at my jewelry every morning while picking out my outfit!

Cool vintage costume necklace I found in Missouri in an antique store.

New necklaces- the left is a pendant and leather necklace from Hobby Lobby and I made the pearl necklace on the right.

Close-up of the mehndi hand pendant I picked up in Asheville. LOVE it. Its a hand painted ceramic pendant I got for $2. And I got the strands of freshwater pearls at a gem show at the beginning of the summer.

Camera cover and technology pouch made from a pattern in One Yard Wonders for the PDA cover (the technology pouch was the original and the camera case was scaled down).

TV cover my mom and I made for my room at school. There is a backing of muslin on the sides and felt on the top part so it is more stable. We just measured the TV and winged it.

The door dec(orations) I made for the ladies on my hall. Each one was painted differently, but I can't show you mine because I already filled it out with personal info! But it's really cute too! Our hall theme is "Create a Better Campus."

A cigar box I picked up at the Gourmet Shop and am going to recover soon. More to come!

I just wanted to show y'all that I haven't been just sitting around! I will be back to posting regularly soon!

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Felicity said...

You're so industrious, those scones look delighful. : )