Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crafty Day

Today was pretty busy already, and I am still working on a few crafts!

This morning, my dad stopped by on his way to Atlanta and we went to Cafe Strudel for breakfast. Oh my, it was everything I had hoped for and more. The food was delicious! We split a full stack of cinnamon pancakes with 2 scrambled eggs and bacon (which means I only had 1 pancake!) and I got some of the hash browns. Wasn't quite hungry enough to try their World Famous Hangover Hash browns, but that will be the next visit! Everything was delicious!

Are you hungry yet? The coffee was also delicious, and awesome that it was self-serve!

After eating my full and feeling full for most of the afternoon, I started on some craft projects (to be posted soon!)

Then, I went by Hobby Lobby to get some baking stuff for a hall event. All of the stickers were half off and I went a little crazy... but most of it was for prizes for my hall gathering (I'm a Resident Mentor... the same as a RA at other colleges) but I have some new scrapbooking supplies!

I will be posting my crafts soon with the tutorials I used. Stay tuned!


sarala said...

Love your photos. Your blog has a lot of personality.
Here from Swap-Bot Blog Follower swap.
Will be following.

Robotgranny said...

everytime you mention food, it makes me hungry =[