Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Crafts

I had a lot of fun with my felt stash this weekend! Here is what I made:

Felt bows for hair clips and clothespins

I used this tutorial to make them and it was SO easy! I also made my own to imitate a bow that I have on a headband from Delia's, but in blue felt.

First: Cut two equal width strips of felt but one a little shorter than the other. You can always shorten, so make sure you over cut at first!

Second: Make each a loop and glue the ends together with fabric glue on the outside and on the inside.

Step 3: Use a dot of fabric glue to hold the 2 loops together.

Step 4: Cut a thinner step that will go around the middle and glue the ends together on the backside. Keep together with a clothespin so that the fabric glue can dry and bond the fabric together.

Then you're done! Admire your handiwork!

Also,  I made my own magnets out of recycled free magnets and pictures off of an ad postcard from Paulo's Gelato in Charleston.

I ended up using tacky glue (spray) instead because it was easier!

Spray the magnet, put your pictures on and let it dry according to the label. 

Cut it out! You're done!

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