Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Frozen Yogurt Cravings

So, a friend and I went to this new frozen yogurt place in 5 Points in Columbia on Saturday, but I felt like it deserves its own post because it was THAT GOOD. I love frozen yogurt, especially fruit flavors, and this place definitely satisfied my sweet tooth.

There is my cup! They have huge bowls that could probably fit a pint of frozen yogurt, so I only added a little bit in the bottom and some fresh fruit to top it off. I had the most delicious kiwi yogurt and mango yogurt. The fresh fruit made it though. This yogurt will be inspiring me when I get home and can use my parents' 1quart ice cream machine. I am soooo ready for that! (1qt is the perfect size for experimenting with new flavors! not too much but enough to share!)

The frozen yogurt didn't even have much time to melt, but the soft-serve state definitely made it so that we had to chow down quickly. It was well worth the $3.82 for both (the Free Times has buy-one-get-one-free coupons!)

Another cool thing about this place, you pay by the ounce! So much fun! And, it ended up being pretty cheap as long as you pay attention to how much you are putting in your cup. They try to trick you into buying more with the larger cups, so beware! But... then again, you may enjoy the large portion of yogurt too much to stop eating it!

Overall, this will be a must-go place when people come to visit me for forever. Go get yourself some delicious frozen yogurt! And check out the website for some of their delicious daily flavors! And, there are 2 locations- in 5 Points and Two Notch Rd.

A new obsession has formed.


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Your trip for frozen yogurt sounds so good. It's making me hungry!

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i love frozen yogurts. imma gonna go get some later.

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That looks soo good! I wish we had one of those where I live!

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Oh yummmmy!! Now I want some too! LOVE all that fresh fruit!

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