Friday, April 23, 2010

Foodie Friday

New section! 

I have come to love Fridays, because they are the day that I can go grocery shopping and walk to at least one gourmet food store in Columbia after my classes because I am done at 11am... for this semester. But nonetheless...

I went to the Gourmet Shop today in 5 Points. Quite possibly one of my favorite places on the planet. I bought myself a couple of croissants to pair with my leftover lemon curd and bought a cute little orange marmalade, mostly for the jar, but also in case I get bored with lemon curd soon.

I adore the Gourmet Shop... I feel like a foodie so much when I just go to browse. Their bakery, pastry, and cheese counters are to die for. And they have a bunch of cool kitchen stuff that I don't need at the moment, just lust after when I walk through!

Also,  I got some grocery shopping done at Food Lion, nothing special, just some Roma tomatoes and Italian bread for Bruschetta on Sunday afternoon.  I didn't have time to get cheese and basil because I wasn't going straight back to my room, but I will get those before lunch!

Also, I got an amazing package in the mail! I ♥ Macarons came in the mail from Wal-Mart! (It was cheaper to do that then go through Amazon and it came faster in the mail).

Its mostly a technique book, which is perfect because anyone can come up with delicious flavor combos, right? I am so excited! Now, I have to start compiling the tools I still need, like a scale. 

And the other food adventure for the day, I got a delicious veggie wrap from Cool Beans. Yum!

Oh, yesterday I got a recipe card in the mail from a swap for freezer strawberry jam. I am so excited for that as well!

I am in the middle of some crafty projects that I will be posting this weekend! 

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Heather said...

I am so lost when it comes to food. Your posts make me want to try some new things. Farmer's Market opened last weekend. Maybe they will have some produce choices soon.