Monday, November 15, 2010

Breakfast is the BEST Meal of the Day

I had a couple of great breakfasts this weekend. I LOVE love love breakfast- I'm not quite sure why but I love everything breakfast, so I always end up bookmarking a lot of recipes.  These are the ones I tried this weekend:

Pumpkin Recipe 8:

I liked it, but its not entirely my thing. I didn't add enough oats, so it was a little soupier than my usual oatmeals but it was nice to experiment. And I left out the chia seeds because I have never bought/ seen them before.  I'm definitely going back to her blog to make the Gingerbread Overnight Oats once its time for gingerbread (like in a few days!)

Cherry Bread

And for our church's womens' breakfast, I looked for inspiration from Martha and found this recipe for cranberry bread. But the grocery store didn't have any cranberries! Frozen or fresh! They had them last week, so I was a little shocked.  So I bought some frozen cherries because they are tart, kind of like cranberries, defrosted them and sliced them in half.  One thing about the recipe- it doesn't say to flour your fruit before putting it in the batter, but it will help the fruit from settling to the bottom of the loaf.

I have to say, Martha didn't disappoint; I think this will be my go-to fruit quick bread recipe for breakfasts and brunches from now on! It was easy and used commonly found pantry items, so you could whip it up today with fruit!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend; mine sure was great! Our football team made it to the SEC East championships (big deal) for the first time (even bigger deal) so there was plenty of celebrating going on in the city on Saturday and Sunday.

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