Friday, January 28, 2011

21 for my 21st

Because its my 21st birthday today, I want to share 21 of my favorite things!

  1. My family
  2. My church family
  3. S'mores
  4. Actually having an organized desk (when it occasionally happens!)
  5. Cupcakes
  6. My planner
  7. Lime green Pyrex
  8. Really, all vintage colored Pyrex
  9. Pancakes
  10. Picnics
  11. Sharpies
  12. Cookbooks
  13. Teacups and mugs
  14. Coffee dates with friends
  15. Crafting
  16. Fabric paints in awesome colors
  17. The color yellow
  18. The beach
  19. Ecuador <3
  20. Learning languages- currently Spanish and Portuguese
  21. YOU! My blog readers! I love having an audience :P
I hope to post more pictures about each of these throughout my next year as I get to have more adventures and learn new things! Have a wonderful Friday!



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