Sunday, January 9, 2011


Its been a lot longer than I anticipated getting back blog-land after Christmas- one of my best friends got married on New Years Day so the week before was a little crazy and then I left to come back to school on Wednesday in the early morning. It was crazy once I got here with training and getting the residence hall ready for my lovely ladies on my hall and I've been reorganizing and getting settled in for classes on Monday. Its making me just a little tired just reading through everything I've been up to!

But the last couple of weeks have been so wonderful- I've spent a lot of time with my family and my boyfriend's family, it snowed (in Charleston, SC so a BIG deal) the day after Christmas, spending time with my newly-married friend before the wedding and packing to see all of my wonderful friends here at school. Oh, and baking and cooking a lot.

Here are some pictures!

One of my pairs of fingerless gloves that I got for Christmas- I adore them!

The view from the house where the bridesmaids got ready before the wedding- on the river in Charleston

That was the last of the pictures that I took at the wedding- we had such a great time and didn't have time for pictures! When I get a hold of some of the pictures my friends took, I'll post them here! The whole wedding was just so special and the newlyweds were just so fun to watch- their love was so apparent, it was tear-provoking!

Other than the wedding, packing up and then unpacking have taken over my life, but I'll be posting more regularly now that my schedule is back to normalcy. Have a wonderful day!

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