Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Resolution: Find Organization that Works

In an attempt to be organized and simplify my life, I picked up a new planner and calendar.  It just feels good to start the new year with new organization and starting fresh.

I love the planner because its large enough to write notes in comfortably and its super cute. The calendar is more organized because each month tears off into a file folder. Yay!

Oh, and to help the lovely ladies on my hall keep track of me when they need me, I made a little "Where am I?" board.

Its also part of me using my crafty supplies instead of just hoarding them! I personally love it. 

And I'm working hard to organize my desk area, so pictures to come soon! How do you stay organized?


Felicity said...

Cracking open a new planner is one of the best feelings! I'm so intrigued by the calendar that tears away into file folders. ; )

Julie said...

Felicity- I just found it at Barnes and Noble 50% off after the New Year- it was truly a lucky find!