Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bakery Tour

Yesterday, my friend, Sarah, and I, met up downtown in Charleston to go on a mini-bakery tour. We wanted to go to the Macaroon Boutique, but it is closed on Monday, so we stopped by Saffron and Baked. Delicious!

Banana Torte

This torte was delicious because it wasn't too banana-y or too sweet. But the atmosphere at Saffron was lacking a little bit. They had tons to choose from, though. 


Sarah got the Sweet and Salty cake and I got the Sweet and Salty brownie. They were both AMAZING. I totally recommend getting either- the brownie was moist (not usually my favorite, but great) and the icing on the cake was light and perfect.

*I got inspired and stopped by the public library for the Baked cookbook. It has the recipe for the cake and I may just have to try to make it at home! And I picked up Magnolia's Cookbook at the same time. Its going to be fun trying the recipes after my trip to Ecuador

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Felicity said...

I am drooling over those desserts! My BFF lives in Charleston, i'm gonna point her over here. : )