Friday, May 21, 2010

More Restaurant Raves

A (late) Thursday tip... Go to a fancy restaurant for LUNCH! Jonathan and I went to Blossom for lunch. It was delicious, as always, but  Jonathan tried a turkey sandwich off of their "Dine for 9" menu. Everything was $9! And the entrees included either a salad or a cup of soup! What a steal! I tried the white pizza and it was only $10 and delicious. And I have leftovers for dinner. Overall, another great experience at Blossom. Plus, another perk was that you probably won't need to put in reservations too far in advance or even at all, and we ate and left within an hour. Perfect for a lunch hour. Try it in your hometown!

After a delicious lunch, we stopped by the Macaroon Boutique (long been on my list of to-do's!) Its on John Street in Charleston. Sooo delicious!

Thats a picture of their croissants. I got a bag of Parisian macarons, but I ate them too fast to take a picture! I got raspberry, pistachio and chocolate in my assortment bag. Divine! I highly recommend this bakery :)

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