Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Back! ♥

Sorry it has been so long! Last week was crazy- finishing exams, getting students out of the dorm, moving out and visiting family in Atlanta! But I had some great food in Atlanta and had a blast at the gem show!

We visited Menchies, a frozen yogurt chain that is just too adorable! Their logo is just too cute! The yogurt was amazing! I made a mix of peanut butter, chocolate, kiwi and brownie bites (I think... I ate it really quickly!)

I also tasted the red velvet cake (it was delicious also!)

For dinner, we went to VG Bistro. The food was delicious (my family knows how to pick restaurants!)

The chef sent out complimentary white truffle frites and calamari for us and some other diners to try, which were also very good. For the meal, I tried escargot, chicken liver, Mediterranean octopus, and everything was just delicious. But after that, we went to Kelly Kakes in downtown Roswell, GA. I split the coconut cream pie with my mom, and it was just a cloud of coconut! Perfect way to end a delicious meal!

I will be back to doing more crafts and baking this week- especially since I am now home! Hope I didn't make you too hungry!

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