Saturday, May 1, 2010

Foodie Friday (and Saturday)

Sorry this post is up late!

My Foodie Friday was delicious! I helped my friend move out of her apartment for the summer and she treated me to this delicious little Mexican restaurant, El Burrito, in 5 Points and it was just the perfect lunch.  The food was cheap, tasty and quick! And, there were tons and tons of limes. Limes are the BEST with Mexican food, and they are a personal favorite of mine. Did you know that limes taste good in sweet tea? They do ♥

Also, another friend and I went to Fruiti Cup for frozen yogurt to celebrate almost being done with finals and to walk around in the pretty day.  Mine was amazing- kiwi frozen yogurt, chocolate frozen yogurt, kiwis, chocolate cookie dough, a little bit of brownie, and mangoes. Mmmm!

My friend's froyo (frozen yogurt)

Later, I got crafty and made felt dahlias with this tutorial and made one for me and the other two for gifts. Sooo easy, and I used hot glue to make it easier and held the petals down with clothespins.

What do you think? I can't wait to make them into brooches once I get the pins! Oh, if you make them, make note of the scale! The yellow one, that followed the instructions, fills the palm of my hand is a little more whimsical, but the blue one is a little smaller. Just play with the size of the back circle!

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