Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sushi Class

One of my life goals is/was to learn how to prepare sushi. So my boyfriend and I went to Charleston Cooks! and took a sushi making class. Man, was it worth the $60! Not only did we learn how to make 4 rolls and a seaweed salad, we each got to eat and take home the full rolls we made! It was a great experience. The chefs, Emily and Season, were wonderful instructors who took us through each step and showed us everything we needed to know.  The class was only 10 people so it was perfect for learning a new skill. Their classes sell out fast, so I highly recommend checking often and making it part of your trip if you come to Charleston to visit.

The demonstration kitchen

Jonathan rolling a California Roll (inside out roll)

My rolled and cut sushi (the California Roll was SOO much harder to cut than the rest!)
Sushi from left to right: Tempura Flaked Shrimp Roll, California Roll, Smoked Salmon "Philly" Roll, and Spicy Tuna Hand Roll

The chefs split us into stations and Jonathan and I worked on the shrimp! We deveined and butterflied the shrimp before battering it and dipping it in tempura flakes. Then, we fried it! So delicious!

Jonathan's is on the right, with some of the shrimp roll's sauce to dip with. 

After the class, I just HAD to buy the tool we deveined and peeled the shrimp with- its called a Zipper and is an easy little tool that made deveining them much easier and more pleasant. I just thought it was a necessary evil, but I will definitely be using it when I cook my local, Charleston shrimp this summer! And I picked up a ravioli press and a mini Le Crueset dutch oven magnet. Because it was so cute!

The Zipper is only $6 and such a steal! They ship them all over the country because its kind of a new tool and such a worthy investment if you enjoy shellfish. I'm just excited I found out about it!

Overall, it was such a great food experience :) Now, off to make strawberry jam with my plethora of strawberries!

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