Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So, I am finally done with exams, and now can focus on the important stuff: blogging! Haha, not really, but it does mean I am about to head home and get to do a LOT more cooking and baking and there will be lots to share!

Just Sparkling Cider :) But here is a better size comparison!

Hehe, I love miniatures!

I also picked up some t-shirts at CVS for $2.50 each. Really? The colors I got are SO cute! I have plans for a tank top for one and a belt and headband combo for the yellow. ... Any other suggestions? They are so cheap I can always go pick up more!

And here is a finished project that took 10 minutes: a braided t-shirt belt that can double as a cute headband!

Also, I am currently obsessing over this book: The Perfect Scoop. I borrowed it from the public library, but this may be a book to buy :) so I will be trying some recipes and blogging about it this summer!

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for the book info. I know a person who will flip over it!

I wanted to give you a Sunshine Award for your blog - check out mine for details: